• Take Advantage of the Unwritten Rules.

    Because being just good isn’t good enough anymore.



A Whole New Ball Game

In order to compete with the best of the best, you can’t just be different. You have to be better.
Not for the faint hearted. We examine the finest details in a power-packed agenda.
From dealing a solid elevator pitch to establishing an interviewer’s behavioural psychology, we give you what is takes to impress the best.

Scholarship Interviews


The Most Important 20 Minutes. Ever.

20 years of education, and now the final hurdle to your degree of choice takes mere minutes: The Interview.
From the meticulous details of appropriate attire to interview-specific presentation skills, learn to score an interview that your interviewers will not forget.

University Admission Interviews



Land A Job – Where You Want It.

Stiff competition means even competent people don’t get the jobs (or pay) that they deserve.
Amongst interview skills, master different settings – from group to panel interviews – and craft your career direction to secure you future.

Career Interviews

We’ve helped clients get positions in the prestigious industries of Medicine, Law, Banking, Trading and Private Equity, amongst others.
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