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The University Entrance Admission Interview

Impressionist has a persistently-updated, massively successful* framework for mastering interview skills. With us, you can be sure to receive a conclusive learning experience involving all the relevant interview skills.

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3 Hour Course @ SGD 488
Max 2 Pax
Covers 7 Modules

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Priming & Preparation

 Uni-Foundation-1Preparing for an interview is not just about knowing the common questions and ‘correct’ answers. Ensuring you don’t lose your cool within the 15 minutes preceding your interview is paramount.
In this module, Impressionist Interviews trainers prepare you for the multitude of obstacles and dampeners that you may face: documentation, expected timing, delays, and the holding room atmosphere.
On top of this, our interview coaches also conduct a session prime you mentally for your interview, by using psychological techniques.
Don’t be the one to break down with the famous last words “it won’t happen to me”.

Presentation & Body Language

uni-foundation-2Your body language is the non-verbal key to setting the underlying tone of the interview.
Get your interviewers to like you by engaging them through neuro-linguistic programming and maintain heightened interest in your conversations through body language.
We evaluate and improve your posture (back/legs/arms), hand gestures and eye contact in an easily digestible module that will not only change the way you handle interviews, but also redefine how you present yourself.

Image Management

uni-foundation-3According to Time Magazine, 40% of all interview rejections are purely based on the candidates’ physical appearance. Do not add to that statistic!
In our Image Management module, our Interview Training Consultants give you a top-to-toe how-to on dressing appropriately for an interview.
Our advice is tailored to you; your build, skin tone, position or placement interviewed for and type of image you want to portray, so that you’ll remain at the top of your game, ahead of your peers in the looks department!

Thematic Approach

Impressionist Interviews’ trait-based approach has worked to get university candidates through the most challenging interviews.
We have helped place clients in institutions like Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS) , Faculty of Law (NUS) and School of Law (SMU). Clients like NUS Deans Lister Cheryl F., strongly recommend us and “love [our] thematic approach.”
We highlight the important themes that are specific to each course and industry. Our Interview Training Consultants then show you how to bring out these themes in your resumé with maximum emphasis and substantiate your claims to a place in these institutions.

Emphasizing Strengths at Interviews

uni-advanced-1Identifying and emphasising your strengths at an interview makes a defining difference. As a candidate for a coveted place in a local university, you also need to know whether to stress on your achievements, character traits, or life experiences.
We craft a tailored pitch sells you as an individual who belongs in your chosen field of study; for every university interview that you have been invited to.
Learn the nuances of socio-corporate skills and take full advantage of the unwritten rules in an interview setting. These are more than just valuable tips.

Tackling Tough Interviews

uni-advanced-2Some of the most challenging interviews are for acceptance into NUS and SMU’s Medicine, Dentistry, and Law degree programmes. Here’s what you will face:
• Panel Interviews
• Group Interviews/Panel Interviews (SMU/NUS)
For other popular courses like Business, Economics and Humanities, you will be facing Group Interviews prior to acceptance.
In this module we tackle individual interview questions, from the commonly asked to the curve balls and prepare you to show them that you have what it takes. Nobody said you couldn’t prepare for tough interview questions.
Our Interview Training Coaches also allow you to practise handling different interview styles – group or panel interviews. Learn the reasons behind different settings and how to remain at the top of your game during these interviews.

Practice & Reviews

uni-foundation-5Interview skills are a skill set, not knowledge to be regurgitated. Memorising the best answers to the most common interview questions by heart won’t get you for.
Prepare For Your Interview With A Review of Your Mock Interview
Mastering interview skills demands practice and honing; no interview candidate can be ready for a potentially life-changing interview without practice and feedback.
In our Mock Interview segment, you get to put together all that you’ve learnt in our course. Through our reviews of each mock interview session, you undergo experiential learning to hone your responses to interview questions.
Your university admission interview comprises of the most crucial 20 minutes of your life.
The last decade of your education and next decade of working life hinges on this moment. Make it count.


4 Hour Course + Makeover Session @ SGD 688
Individual Training
Covers ALL 10 Modules

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Custom Makeover

uni-premium-1Take charge of your interview’s direction from its very first minute.
From facial hair to suits, skirts to heels, our Interview Training Coaches evaluate your interview application, body shape and character to pick out an outfit that makes you an immediate favourite with Interviewers.

People respond to how we’re dressed, so like it or not, this is what you have to do.
– Harvey Specter, Suits

Extensive Practice

uni-premium-2We set aside time to perfect your pitch.
Our Interview Training Coaches scrutinise and evaluate in great detail everything that has been covered in the course: speech, choice of words, hand gestures, eye contact, full body posture, intonation, variable flagship stories, course-specific emphases, choice of attire, choice of accessories, facial appearance.
This is for perfectionists who are dead serious about acing their interview and scoring an instant offer.
Going through this module earns you a money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that you are unable to secure a place in your university of choice. Premium clients only.

Behavioural Psychology

So you thought that was all there is to interviews.
We bring you deeper, into the mental psyche of your interviewers to give you an edge over everybody else in the market.
As they say, knowledge is power, and knowing what is in the mind of your interviewer could just tip the scales in your favour.
After all, when it boils down to 2000 applicants for a few treasured positions, every advantage counts.

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DURATION 3.0 hours 4.0 hours + Makeover
Priming & Preparation The necessary precautions to take to ensure you are ready to deliver.
Image Management Learn about the dress code & appropriate attire.
Presentation & Body Language Master what to say using visual communication skills.
Thematic Approach Crafting a bombshell recount of your past experiences with key attributes.
Practice & Reviews Experiential learning brings our content to life. Master the skills.
Emphasizing Strengths How to score in your respective interview – highlight the right stuff.
Tough Interviews Application questions & scenarios: presented, explained & practiced.
Custom Makeover ** Use our industry contacts to revamp your professional appearance.
Extensive Practice Extensive practice; nail the finest details for the best courses.
Behavioural Psychology For the toughest interviews: Use the interviewers’ hints to your advantage.

*Add SGD50 per module
T&Cs apply

We revolutionise the Foundational skills like Body language, Image Management and Interview Content (see our Thematic Approach) to give you the edge over the rest.
Going into the Advanced, we then tackle Group Interviews and your interviewer’s Behavioural Psychology and wrap up with our Deal Sealers module, ensuring you have no less than the best.
At Impressionist, we know what you need to secure your future.

Claim your Tomorrow. Today.

* More than 70% of our private clients applying for Medicine/Dentistry/Law have attained their local offers, enjoying a 400+% increase in admission rates.