Impressionist Success In University Applications 2014

This year we have helped our clients land multiple double degree offers, scholarship offers and places in Medicine, Law, Dentistry etc.

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Stephenie (Triple Double-Degree Offers 2014/2015: NUS Biz & Economics, SMU Biz & Acc with Scholarship, NTU Biz & Acc): “I’m really thankful for your help.

Sim (NUS Medicine 2014/2015): “Excellent training programme.

Quah (NUS Dentistry 2014/2015): “Thank you!!!

Kenny (NUS, SMU & NTU Accountancy 2014/2015): “Without Impressionist, I wouldn’t have managed it secure university placing in all 3 universities… Their Thematic Approach is especially effective. Thank you so much.

Across the (local) courses of Medicine, Law and Dentistry,¬†Impressionist’s clients have achieved a miraculous¬†70+% success rate in their applications. This is more than 400% of the average success rate*.


Claim your dream course with us!

*Average success rate based on roughly 250 offers and 2000 applicants per course.

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