Interesting Interview Questions (Part 2)

Interesting Interview Questions (Part 2)

Internet companies have an interesting take to interview questions, here are a few which might actually get you the job you have always wanted. 


Question : What is your favourite 90s jam?

Answer: Blackberry jam–they still have that in 2016 right? My jam describes how much I like working on projects with a tinge of sweetness and moving tightly like a spread together

Question : How fast can you type?

Answer: Put me to a typing test.

2. Yahoo

Question was asked: “If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?

Answer: Hello people. Problem analysis. Oahu is an island! it doesn’t say remote or deserted island, just island.

1. bathing gear

2. lots spending money

3. traveller’s health insurance

Answer: 50spf sunscreen / 5 x 7 foot beach towel / A wonderful person to share it with

Answer:  3-ring circus / WORLD-CLASS INTERNET CONNECTIVITY / and a beautiful talented woman with a kindness of spirit.

3. Apple

Question : If you were a pizza deliveryman how would you benefit from scissors?

Answer: Being able to cut the coupons off for the customer that are usually stuck to the box.

Not all at once, due to hygiene issues.)


1) Shave between deliveries.

2) Use as a car window escape tool if I accidentally drive off a pier.

3) If clean, offer to remove unwanted toppings with the scissors rather than going back for a second pizza.

4) DO NOT RUN. Biking with scissors may be okay.

5) Pizza box origami.

6) Self-defense from dogs at the gate or bad people.

7) Fun monocle.

8) Cut curbside flowers en route, offer them to attractive people along with pizza, hope for bigger tip.

9) Freeing my hair from the door Jake Ryan slammed when he was calling Samantha.

10) Tie each half to bottom of shoes on icy day—skating deliveries.

11) Use crushed eyeliner and tip of scissors like a quill if someone doesn’t have a pen to sign the credit card slip.

12) Mirror: spruce up, see who’s behind you, replacement for rearview, SOS signaling, calming angry birds.

13) Shoelace + scissors = jewellery.

14) Straight edge for graffiti art.

15) Compass to draw perfect circles, which could also be used in aforesaid art. More useful, though, on city map to specify pizza delivery area.

Claim your tomorrow, today.

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