Job Trends #2: Most Desirable Degrees

Today we run through some degrees that employers of today are finding particularly desirable. Do you have one already (or are you planning to) get one of them? Let’s look at a few of the aspects which makes a job desirable.



The right degrees pay well.

Having a degree that is popular amongst employers puts you ahead of the rest in terms of negotiating for pay. It’s simple economics: demand and supply. Where there is greater demand than supply, wages go up. Not only do people in these industries enjoy a larger paycheque, but also higher employment rates. Take a look at the best paying degrees here.

The best degrees literally guarantee you a job.

It’s shocking how the top EIGHT degrees all land you a 100% employment rate. Literally, a guaranteed job. In such industries, you find that many fresh grads enjoy high demand for their services, and with it, a high (or full) employment rate. It’s all in this survey (published in 2014).

Work satisfaction. The ability to choose where you work at. Is. A. Big. Deal.

Having the right degree means employers look for you. Not the other way around. 70% of employees locally say that their relationship with their bosses directly affects their work satisfaction.

Job candidates with Majors in Sales and/or Marketing are the most heavily sought after – think insurance executives, marketing executives or sales personnel. Only 5% of all employers are looking at hiring fresh grads. It pays to be the ones with the right skills. If you can’t control your boss, at least you should be able to choose who you work for.

What makes you stand out in the challenging job market? Work & internship experience, hobbies and attitude all contribute to a holistic personal image to job seekers. Look us up to see how you can play the field with our interview training courses.

Claim your tomorrow, today!

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