Understand The Mind Of The Interviewer

Ultimately you want a job, but broken down to its elements, what you really want is a series of approvals. The job interview process isn’t just about persuading someone to hire you — not until the final stage, anyway — it is about convincing each individual along the process to approve of you to advance to the next stage. And there are more people who can influence your ability to reach the next stage than you think.


Be Recommendable

Just as it is important to be able to do the job for which you are being considered, it is important for you to be recommendable. The primary question running through the mind of the interviewer will be, “Will it reflect well of me if I recommend this person for another interview?” Another angle of that would be, “Will I look good if I hire this person for our organization?”

Your first job, the one that you have to do well in order to get the actual paying job, is to make sure each interviewer feels comfortable in recommending you for the next stage in the hiring process.

Ability to retain information

The interviewer’s capacity (memory) to remember the candidate will be limited in an interview. The reality is, the candidate has a greater chance of failing the interview because of a misrepresentation or misinterpretation of ideas, words, phrases than a lack of qualification. Therefore, as a candidate, one of your main goals during the interview should be to effectively articulate your value to ensure the interviewer understands it. In turn, you need to ensure that you accurately interpret the interviewer and company’s values. You do not want to give this opportunity away by over analysing the interview process! Be calm and carry on(=


Interviewers wont forget how you make them feel

During your interview, the interviewer is simultaneously interpreting your comments and projecting your potential contributions and long-term fit within the organization. The interviewer’s interpretations tend to be based on how he or she “feels” about you. An employer’s hiring decision simply does not happen in “real time.” Often, companies are meeting days or weeks after to determine which candidate to hire.

You want the interviewer to recall those summaries of you. You want them to remember phrases such as “detail oriented,” “articulate,” “implemented it before,” and “team player.” The interviewer will definitely remember these impressions comparing it to someone who is less expressive in their description of themselves. A lot of my friends who have been in the position as an interviewer have almost an immediate impression or expression about a certain candidate. e.g “the first candidate had positive confidence”. An interview process broken down is more than just a personal story or individual highlights, it is about establishing a connection within that sessions that build the bond between the candidate and the interviewer!


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